THE KITCHEN, a theater for media performance (1971-73)

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This collection of various historical documents, photos and other materials is directed primarily towards the scholarly community, artists and people familiar with aspirations and activities of the art media community in NYC at the time, or towards anyone curious about the cultural tendencies the Kitchen represented in its earliest period.

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This Extended Electronic Essay on the Early Kitchen contains all of the materials we found in our Archive deemed relevant to preserve. We soon expect to add a couple of more movies and documents.

We also expect Electronic Arts Intermix to be on line with their version of the early Media History (1971-73) including The Kitchen, which began under EAI's umbrella. This should include our own materials sent to EAI, although perhaps not as voluminous.

The Centerpiece of our struggle to formulate our presence and the purpose on the New York scene, has been preserved in a seven section long proposal to the New York State Council on the Arts for the year of 1972-73, section # 3 - # 9 of the Electronic Arts Intermix annual funding proposal.

KBF1 (d.i.b.) Funding 1  Comment 4.6M 19 pages

The Comment Fields:

This category of Comments contains various remarks on the Early Kitchen activities and various interpretations of things past. They are meant to add more information at the point of interaction with documents. The Comment fields are now filled with available commentaries, leaving to the future the more analytic, specifically targeted information.

The authors: Dimitri Devyatkin, Steina, The Vasulkas, and Bob Ashley contribute their personal views and Ben Portis contributes a major essay on the early Kitchen history. There is an assemblage of sparsely commented photographs, and an exhaustive interview by Jud Yalkut about The Kitchen as recorded at WBAI Radio station in NYC with an edited transcript by Jud.

KBAC (d.i.b.) Kitchen/WBAI Radio interview
by Jud Yalkut (Mp3 sound)
Transcript 8.6M 1 File 

You will find all these articles or comments in a printable version in the row KRT.

KRT All Kitchen related texts 91K 1 page

And the others individually on:

KOP (i.d.) Kitchen opens Comment 47K 2 pages
KI (i.d.) Early Kitchen ideas  Comment 1.9M  19 pages
KP (i.d.) Perception project  Comment 2.3M 8 pages
KBF1 (d.i.b.) Funding 1  Comment 4.6M 19 pages
KBR1 (d.i.b.) Rise   3.8M 19 pages
KVR Video in the Kitchen   5M 1 movie
KLE (i.d.) Events Comment 5.0M 28 pages

Shortly after the Kitchen's move to Wooster street, we were heading for Upstate NY, to work at Media Study, Buffalo. Our paths crossed rarely with the new Kitchen then and the place began re-defining its mission. We halted generating and collecting documents, except through our personal projects at The Kitchen.

This essay on The Kitchen is only a fraction of the Vasulka Archive. The Archive in its entirety, in paper and some media formats, has become a part of the archive at The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology, Montreal, Canada.

Steina and Woody Vasulka

Santa Fe, NM, December 10, 2002