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Mynd  2000

MYND worked itself backwards from my ordinary creative process. First I saw the space, then I got a commission and then went to work on making “Mynd.” A financial security and an awareness of a great exhibition space had an impact on the creation. Since this commission was for the National Gallery of Iceland, I wanted the image material to be from there, and since the hall was large, I thought it should have multiple channels. I started digitally processing videos from a previous production “Orka” and was quite pleasantly surprised by the result. Here were Chinese landscapes, undulating horses, frozen emerald colored oceans. I scanned the images both horizontally and vertically and could not decide which was “better,” so there came the decision to make six channels, three channels horizontal, three vertical, meaning turning three of the six projectors sideways. All six projectors beam the image from floor to ceiling making the sideway-projected images a much narrower frame.
— Steina