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Running Time : 24:00 Color B/W : Color
Cantaloup is a videotape documenting the construction of the Digital Image Articulator by the Vasulkas, in collaberation with Jeffrey Schier. The Articulator was begun in 1978 and finished some two years later. Steina's tape differs from a conventional "making-of" documentary in that its primary focus is on the Articulator's results. Steina narrates the basic information of the tool's function, for example, the 16 and 32 bit information control system, while imagery explicates the processes of that function. More complex funtions are also explored in the tape, such as a process whereby a frame is "grabbed" and stored in a buffer so that two images can coexist on the screen--one still and one moving. Another complex function presented at length in the tape is the Digital Image Articulator's ability to create a dizzying, digital zoom effect (created by the tool, rather than the camera), that produces multitudes of a primary image in geometric proportion to how far the image is "zoomed" out. For instance, if the image is "closest" it is alone and fills the frame. If the image is "furthest" it consists of many multitudes of miniature frames, each a repetition of the other within the overall frame of the screen. This tape is not only an important document in its context as a presentation of electronic, image transformation, but also as a testament to the Vasulka's commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic and video art.